7 original ways to reveal baby's gender

Jonathan Jalbert

How many of you can't wait around the 20th week to find out the gender of your baby? Of course the most important is that he'll be healthy ;-). There's a lot of excitement about knowing the gender in advance so we can share this exciting news with our family and friends, start the baby's room, visualize our new life, think of a name, go shopping etc ... You just have to browse the web to find out plenty of creative ways to announce it. Here are some of our selections we enjoyed and wanted to share with you :-)!

1-Inside the cake. What better during a family event to bring a cake with the color of your baby's sex in it. Pink for girls and blue for boys.

Top 7 #genderreveal baby showers | #BabyCenterBlog:

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2-Balloon release. A creative way to reveal the gender of your baby. Put the balloons (pink for girls or blue for boys) in a decorated box according to your taste, open it and tell someone to capture this beautiful moment on photo to announce this news to your family and friends.

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3-Hand print. Ask your spouse/boyfriend or your kids to paint their hands according to the sex of your baby and put them on a white sweater. The result will be memorable.

Baby gender reveal party ideas get creative; here are best from around the…:

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4-Gum or balloons. Here is a fun way to capture this moment with your loved one. Take a gum or a small balloon of each color (one blue and one pink)... We then let you understand how to proceed with these pictures :-)

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5-Glitter. A simple way who can give a fabulous result. Only take the glitter of your choice and let people see the final result.
My beautiful friends!!!! Baby Gender Reveal by Inspired Photography. It's a beautiful baby girl!! Glitter, Happiness, couples in love, nothing better.

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6-Bow. A simple and beautiful way to announce it. You will need a ribbon, balloons and someone to take this memorable photo of you.

Gender Reveal Maternity Session - going to make my sister in law take the pics - she's awesome!:

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7-Flowers. Take the flowers of your choice and announce it to your family and friends with this elegant way.

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We really hope this post will inspire you in some ways unless you only want to know the gender of your baby once he's or she's born.... ;-)