In 15 points my maternity leave is...

Jonathan Jalbert

1. Be the happiest mom in the world every first time. First sound, first smile, first laugh!

2. Get up at 3am for breastfeeding, even if i'm exhausted. But then, in the morning, wake up with the most enormous energy because I can hear her chat in bed.

3. Play all day with her, making '' gagas '' and telling myself that it's a good thing there's no camera hiding in my house...

4. That my big questioning of the day is how I will dress her, what I will eat, which game we will play... No stress and I like it.

5. Having a morning routine ; playing in the living room and listen to ''Good morning America'' while drinking a good coffee.

6. Welcoming my lover who's finishing to work at 5h30pm with my little one looking by the window, everyday. It's so cute how she's always happy to find her dad.

7. Be relieved that her colics are done and notice that her teeth are beginning.

8. Take a shower real quick with my baby sitting in a little bench looking at me, probably saying to herself that I look a little crazy to singing songs to her.

9. Put her in the baby carrier with music and dancing together in the living room.

10. Suddenly crying like a real baby because I find her so beautiful and perfect.

11. Be proud of making her discover our beautiful world day after day and seeing her happy through her little blue eyes.

12. Sleep with her in my arms during her afternoon nap, in my bed, with our dog.

13. Play with our dog and hear her laughing because she loves her new friend so much.

14. Live the present moment and forget all the problems because life is so beautiful and simple with my baby.

15. Enjoying Dad's vacations for traveling and cherishing the wonderful family moments.

A really really really happy mom :-)! 

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