Minimalist travel with your baby

Jonathan Jalbert

Sun, beach, palm trees... Who does not dream to go on a trip with baby and husband to relax away from the cold winter?! We just returned from Mexico with our 4 months old baby. In addition to babyrebate, our other passion is to travel around the world. Our goal is to to travel as simply as possible without bringing a ton of luggage.

First of all, I have to say that I am breastfeeding, so it was the perfect time to go on a family trip. I suggest you to leave as soon your baby receive his first vaccine (usually around 3 months). Since I am breastfeeding, I didn't need to worry about bringing food for her. In addition, she does a lot of naps, does not walk yet etc. So it was very simple to travel with her.

Plage de Playa Del Carmen

We rented a condo in Playa Del Carmen for 5 days, there was a grocery store close by on foot if I would need something. Great news is I didn't miss anything and we had a great time without any issues :-). With Spring Break coming up, many of you will probably go on a trip. Here's my minimalist suitcase list of what I brought. My goal was to only bring the bare necessities. I simply had her carry-on suitcase that weighed 14pounds, her diaper bag with the usual stuff inside, her stroller, her car seat attached to the stroller and backpacks for me and my boyfriend. 

-2 hats including 1 for swimming 
-2 swimwear
-3 pairs of socks
-3 rompers
-1 camisole and 1 pair of shorts
-3 sweaters including one short-sleeves
-2 baby panties to put under her dresses
-4 dresses
-2 pants
-6 pyjamas including one short-sleeves
-7 washcloths
-50 diapers (average of 10 per day) and 5 water diapers for swimming
-1 pack of wet wipes
-2 softs baby blankets
-1 empty plastic bag for dirty and wet laundry
-1 manual breast pump and bottle in case of emergency
-1 stitched for layer change
-1 towel for her bath
-Her favorite plus

-net to put on her stroller to protect from mosquitoes and sun. I must point out that we can't put sunscreen on a baby less than 6 months.

-Necessary kit (most of the arcitles were in case of any problem) in a small resealable plastic bag: 1 nasal aspirator and 5 hydrasenses, 15ml tylenol bottle, gel for teeth, Q-tips, thermometer, nail clipper, bottle of 100ml soap, bottle of 100ml skin cream, small pot diaper rash cream, bottle of vitamin D in drop. With the formats above, I had no problem passing security.

When she was tired of being in her stroller, We had her in our arms when walking in town :-). We did not need any baby carriers!

Finally, here is the kind of dress that I love when travelling. To order: