A bit about us

As future parents, we founded that there were many necessary products, including clothing, to buy before the arrival of our little girl. For the most part, we had to make multiples stores to get everything we needed. Being both in full-time labor market, it was difficult to find time to shop every weekend. We then start thinking about all the families who must also obtain these essential things before the baby arrived and throughout his childhood. It was then that we got the idea to create a practical website where everything could end up in the same place. Nothing better than to shop in the comfort of his home on a website easy to access, simple and also that saves you money and time. By shopping online, this allows you to finally have weekends quality instead of spending time in shopping centers. Whether for your child or for a low price gift, you'll come out a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why BabyRebate?

We are a company based in Montreal who imports clothing and accessories for baby, carefully selected, according to the trend and requests. You can shop in peace on our website

Do you have a shop where I can go physically?

For now, we are an online store only.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Yes. The security of your transaction using your credit card or paypal system on is protected by the SSL protocol and by the usual security systems for private networks. SSL technology scrambles the information in your credit card before it reach the Internet.

What is the shopping cart?

With our shopping cart, you can buy several products in a single transaction.

What methods of payment do you accept? We accept the following payment methods:

For now using PayPal only.

How does the size and quality of the clothing's look like?

The clothes are imported mostly from China. Items can be a little smaller than the clothes you usually buy in the US. For some items, it's also possible that they are made a little larger. In any case, when buying an article on, you agree that the size indicated on the page of our articles may be inaccurate compared to the standard here. For this reason we always advise you to buy a slightly larger size if you are not familiar with the size of clothes coming from China. We also want to advise you to contact us for exact measurements before purchasing an item. Clothing quality varies from one to another. However, our customers are mainly satisfied considering the low price and free shipping.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Due to our efforts to ensure you will receive your order as quickly and precisely as possible, we can not cancel or change your order once it is placed.

My items ordered did not arrive all at once, is this normal?

We are working with several suppliers to offer you a great wide selection of items, for this reason, it is possible that they do not all arrive at the same time or that your items arrive in different packages.

What should I do if my item is defective or damaged?

We can look at replacing only the defective or damaged items in a time frame of 10 days after receipt. Please send us a photo at and we will explain how to proceed afterwards.


Some terms

- Allow approximately two weeks for delivery on most items.
- Since the products are ordered from different suppliers, orders with multiple items can come in different packages at a few days apart.